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RN3002D decoder

  • H264 and  H265 (Switchable)

  • Supports video signals up to 1080p@60 Hz

  • Variable latency 80ms-250ms

  • Seamless switching

  • Breakaway  routing of all video, audio, IR, USB and RS-232

  • Matrix and Videowall

  • Smart management through Director

  • CEC, IR or RS-232 control

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Rain is low bandwidth AV over IP solution, transmitting HDMI video and audio over a 1Gb network infrastructure using H.264/265 AVC with configurable data rates up to 30 Mbps. It supports video signals up to 1080p at 60 Hz and offers Matrix and Video Wall capabilities, along with full video preview channels. Rain can be powered via PoE, facilitating easy deployment for large installations. Additionally, it features expanded audio capabilities, allowing for the de-embedding of two-channel stereo audio from the embedded HDMI content provided by the encoder.

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