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Better AV through better managment

Our Mission

At iMAGsystems, our mission is to revolutionise the Pro Audio Visual industry by seamlessly integrating advanced networking technology with innovative software solutions. We aim to bridge the gap between traditional AV products and IoT, providing intelligent, reliable, and accountable AV systems. Through our commitment to delivering real-world insights, measurable ROI, and comprehensive system health monitoring, we empower our clients to achieve excellence in their workplace technology rollouts. Our goal is to make AV management as efficient and effective as IT, ensuring our products drive superior performance and value for all stakeholders.

Our Purpose

At iMAGsystems, our purpose is to transform the Pro Audio Visual industry by creating innovative, software-defined solutions that enhance the functionality and management of AV systems. We strive to make it easy for installers to create advanced AV systems, thereby bettering the industry as a whole. We believe that the advantages used in the IT industry should be applied to Pro AV, ensuring that reliable systems can be achieved through the clever use of software. Our aim is to fill the gap between AV and IoT, providing tools that deliver reliability, accountability, and actionable insights. By making AV systems more intelligent and manageable, we help our customers achieve their goals and maximize their technology investments.

Our Story

iMAGsystems is a leading manufacturer in the Pro Audio Visual industry, boasting 25 years of experience in transforming the AV landscape. Starting in the Pro AV industry during the RGBHV analog age and progressing through the era of digitisation, iMAGsystems has consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements.

Recognising the significant advantages that software could bring to Pro AV, iMAGsystems formulated a plan to incorporate the best IT practices into the field. Born from the idea of extracting the benefits of IT through software and applying them to Pro AV, iMAGsystems has developed innovative solutions that leverage advanced networking technology to distribute content, control room devices, and manage AV facilities efficiently and effectively.

The company developed a revolutionary way manage AV over IP distribution systems with a software-defined approach, seamlessly integrating AV products with IoT. This approach provides traditional AV functionality while managing it like an IT product, offering a new set of tools that enhance reliability, accountability, and reportability for all stakeholders.


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