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Managed Services for Audio visual systems

The term “time is money” is commonly used to describe how limited our time is, even with technology at our fingertips.

The term “time is money” is commonly used to describe how limited time is for most of us. Even with all the technology at our disposal, it’s a variable that can never change. When it comes to a business, time is indeed money, and when you can find ways to save yourself (or your staff) time, it always comes back to saving money. However, the challenge is doing this in a way that keeps your clients happy and your services profitable.

"Wasting time running from room to room is simply a waste resources. Time is better spent creating value elsewhere"

Time is a finite resource, and we’re always finding ourselves needing to do more with less. As an AV company, you may be struggling with the time it takes to manage client support and maintain their systems. The business of AV is no longer just about designing purposeful technology spaces. The long-term commitment of these rollouts is in the upkeep. Maintenance and support are critical areas where great AV spaces can thrive or die, gaining you credibility or losing it with your current or future clients. The reasons for AV systems “mis-behaving” can be varied, and it’s not always the boxes that are the cause, connectivity, and human interaction (users) play significant roles. So how does one make allowances for remedial actions without employing in-room personnel? The answer lies with implementing an AV managed services strategy so your client’s systems can be monitored and managed remotely, making better use of your time.

Managed services have become more popular recently as organisations have figured out that they can outsource much of their IT responsibility and maintenance to focus their time on their own functions rather than managing tech. However, for AV system integrators, this presents a revenue opportunity and a way to form closer ties with their client. In an audiovisual managed service, the day-to-day tasks of AV technology management provide the integrator with greater efficiencies through remote monitoring. These managed services can include various services such as ongoing maintenance, support, remote management, remote monitoring, tracking analytics, and more. These services act as a strategy to improve outcomes while keeping expenses predictable, even cutting running costs in many cases.

"Room visibility helps me reveal the value that audio visual brings to my organisation"

The benefits of AV managed services aren’t just for the clients but also for installers who want better client relationships by improving their client experiences. Saving time and money is to everyone’s benefit; however, it is not the only benefit. AV spaces need to work. The assumption for a client is that when they call on it to use, they expect it to actually work, no ifs, no buts. From the client’s perspective, there is no excuse for AV spaces not working. Even if it’s related to human (user) error, design considerations must be made to anticipate such events. When AV spaces are not working, it’s managed services that allow swift remedial actions to take place.

Investigate implementing an AV managed service, with the right product, the barriers to entry are small but with so many benefits, your clients will ask themselves how they ever managed without it and without you.


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