Do you handle Dante or AES67?

Our thunder 1g JPEG2000 encoders have full support for DANTE and AES67, enabling 2 channel audio streaming.

Can I incorporate the video streams into my control system touch panel?

Yes, streams from our 1g Thunder encoders are freely available for external use.

How many sources can I composite onto a single screen and are they live or screen grabs?

Our Lightning 10g SDVoE decoders can tile up to thirty sources onto a single display. These streams are 100% live streamed at full refresh rate.

Can I mix and match Thunder and Lightning units?

No, as they use different streaming technology, however 1g Thunder will happily co-exist on a 10g Lightning network.

Can I manage your 10g SDVoE Lightning product from my enterprise 1g network?

Absolutely you can, Lightning has two ethernet ports, so you can separate the 10g AV traffic from the management traffic.


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