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AIR BACK (STRIP) (2).png

Connect EZ to your Internet router 

Add your electronic devices and control your home enviroment

from anywhere


Air Technical Specifications-01.png
USB over IP.png

Matrix and transport 480mB USB data for devices as simple keyboard or as advanced as USB cameras. Instantly create KVM functionality by combining USB and Video routing.

4K over IP.png

The highest performing 4k60 4:4:4 transport available thanks to SDVoE technology. A must  for critical imaging applications like medical or mapping where pixel accuracy is demanded. 

MATRIX over IP.png

The freedom to route video, audio and control signals on demand, independently or combined.  As small as 2x2 to a virtually unlimited number of sources and displays

VIDEO WALL over IP.png

Deploy like a Pro with easy bezel measurement configuration. Create video walls from your existing video sources and easily duplicate for other location use.


Composite up to 32 images on a single display to create the ultimate canvas of video, with over 40 layouts. Implementing visualisation applications like command and control have never been easier

CONTROL over IP.png

Distribute control throughout a facility with both encoders and decoders built in RS232, IR and 1g ethernet ports. Minimise cost and complexity with a reduced product count.

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