The use of 4K imaging in the field of Command and Control and Oil and Gas provide significant visualization improvements, allowing extended interpretation of key data which lead to better decision making. The efficiencies of 4K video can be put down to image improvements, superior renderings of shade, colours and surface details,  allow decision makers to identify information that would once be lost to lower resolution reproduction. Improved monitoring reduces maintenance with the ability to locate potential defects well before they become critical. Reducing down time by properly identifying components  that are functioning normally.

Control rooms are no stranger to hi resolution video reproduction with FULL HD 1080p resolution being the defacto choice. Now with availability of 4K camera’s, content material and display systems, it is the next logical choice. While equipment for distributing 1080p content has been around for a while, 4K video distribution has created it’s own set of challenges that the Pro AV industry have been struggling to keep up with.

The significant increase in video data, four times that of 1080p, has meant existing technology has either been prohibitively costly and severely complex. Professionals are now looking to Video over IP technology as the answer, removing both complexity and significantly reducing infrastructure costs. However not all Video Over IP products are the same, to provide the same level of video delivery that this field expects, uncompressed, zero latency video distribution, iMAGsystems Lightning becomes the only choice.